What do I do if my Uccello Kettle is broken/faulty?

Here at Uccello Designs, we are proud to say that we have the lowest defect rate for our Uccello Kettle than any other kettle type on the market. This is why we offer every customer a 2-year warranty guarantee with their Uccello Kettle. In the unlikely event that your kettle is broken or fault...

How long will my refund take after I have cancelled my Uccello Kettle order?

Once the cancelation of your Uccello Kettle order is successful, we will issue your refund immediately. You will see the refunded amount in your account in approximately 5-10 working days. Should you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team.

How can I return my Uccello Kettle?

We offer a 7-day 'Change of Mind' policy. This is where if for whatever reason, you feel the Uccello Kettle does not fit your needs and you wish to return your kettle, we first will need to establish that it isn’t damaged so we can process the return.   This is done by contacting Aoife in our Custom...

How do I return my broken/faulty kettle?

In the unlikely event that your Uccello Kettle is broken/faulty, you can return it by contacting our Customer Care Team. Once the issue is determined we will let you know if you should discard your kettle or post it back to us for investigation. Should you be asked to post it back, we will create...

Who pays for the return of my broken/faulty kettle?

When it comes to returning a broken/faulty kettle within the warranty period (2-year warranty guarantee) we would ask that you email our Customer Care Team with: A description of the issue you are having. The order number you will have received after your purchase directly from our website o...

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